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Arch In The Park: October 18, 2014


Our "official" purpose is to provide a forum for the discussion, promotion, and realization of anthropological pursuits.

We create opportunities to spend time outside of class to celebrate primates, culture, languages and past civilizations and welcome your suggestions as to how we can better accomplish this!


Officers 2016-2017

Melissa Ayala

Major: Anthropology and General Biology
Minor: Leadership
Year: Senior
I joined AAS because I wanted to become familiar with the department, but I remained because of the great company and resources provided.

Executive Vice President
Hilary Moore

Major: Anthropology
Minor: Methods of Geographic Analysis (GIS)
Year: Junior
I joined AAS because I wanted to get involved with the SDSU community, learn more about anthropology and its job opportunities, and make friends within my major and with those who shared my same interests.

Alexia Landa

Major: Anthropology and History
Year: Senior Position: Secretary Why:
I joined AAS because of the valuable information the club shares with its members. The club is a wonderful way to meet new people, make new friends, get involved, and network, network, NETWORK! I can’t emphasize this enough! Networking is EXTREMELY important in anthropology.

Natalia Galeana

Major: Anthropology (Forensic and Bio archaeology)
Year: Senior
I joined AAS to become more associated with my field of study. Not only did I want to meet people who had similar interests as me but also different. It is also important to me to begin building connections and be able to partake in opportunities that will help me gain experience. It has also taught me skills regarding responsibilities and commitment, skills that are essential. It has been a wonderful experience so far!

CAL Representative
Darlene Muniz

Major: Anthropology and French
Year: Junior
I joined AAS to become more involved and informed within the anthropological community, to meet other students interested in Anthropology, and obtain the skill set to help others with an interest in anthropology.

Fundraising Chair
Ninveh Shamoon

Major: Anthropology
Year: Senior
I joined AAS to network with other anthropology students in hopes of obtaining opportunities to get involved in anything anthropology related whether it be on campus, or within the community.

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